[Basic play free]New asymmetric multi-horror “Video Horror Society (VHS)”, early access starts! A 4vs1 DbD game with an 80s horror movie taste!

Homage to 80’s horror movies! Neon-lit Asymmetric Multiplayer Video Horror Society Enters Early Access – GameSpark

VideoHorrorSociety Early Access VHS Image related to Asymmetric PvP-02

Hellbent GamesAsymmetric horror “Video Horror Society” has officially entered early access.

This work is an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game that pays homage to 1980s horror movies. Players battle monsters and four teenagers in locations familiar to horror movies, such as a dilapidated hotel and top-secret research facility.

Monsters include werewolves, half-fish men, and ominous puppeteers. Teenagers use ray guns, cursed swords, slingshots, and holy crosses to fight monsters.

Along with the start of early access, we also released the “Founder’s Pack” where you can get cosmetics and emotes.

■ “Video Horror Society” Steam store page is here

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looks interesting

oh. Do DL

what is this so interesting

I found it today, is it a game like Detoba?

I want this!

It was more DBD than expected

I was interested in Video Horror Society, so I installed it. It’s like a DBD-like 4-on-1 asymmetric action.
It definitely has an 80’s feel to it. I like that the abbreviation is VHS.

A mysterious word called VHS Horror Battle

DbD-like interesting game
It’s free, and if you have a PC, give it a try!
Yaruo smile PC rattling

Japanese support is yet to be seen, but if you understand the UI, there should be no problem in playing
Husband who does not think

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