Bandai Namco’s job offer reveals a remastering of Nintendo

It seems that Bandai Namco is working on some form of Nintendo remastering, and that the company’s latest worklists specifically mention the purge of old funds for what it believes is a 3D action game. The lists were seen by some fans with ResetEra’s eagle eyes (thanks, Nintendo Life), and many wondered what could be Nintendo’s new remaster.

Bandai Namco, working on this remaster of Nintendo, makes a lot of sense that the company helped develop Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and new Pokémon Snap.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to decide which game can be remastered for Nintendo, given the small catalog of classic titles in this latest one.

What could it be?

Due to the lack of numbers, this possible Nintendo remaster could actually be any Nintendo launch in the 3D action center. It’s not too much to reduce it, is it?

With programs like Summer Game Fest coming soon, we hope to give you more details about this mysterious project.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and New Pokémon Snap are now available, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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