Bandai Namco contacted writer Brandon Sanderson to collaborate on the Souls saga

Writer Brandon Sanderson has confirmed that Bandai Namco has reached out to him, and that he would be interested in collaborating on one of From Software’s upcoming Souls saga games.

Sanderson, known primarily for his sagas of fantastic literature – such as Nacidos de la bruma or The Archive of Storms – is one of the most renowned authors in the field of current fantasy. After collaborating with George RR Martin on Elden Ring, it seems Bandai have set their eyes on the North American writer.

In a live stream on his YouTube channel, Sanderson showed off an exclusive Elden Ring merchandising package Bandai sent him and said the company was interested in working with him. He was enthusiastic about the proposal, saying he enjoyed the study’s games and had thought of a proposal to offer them, “to see what opinion on it”.

“The thing is, I always have a suggestion for everyone. That’s the question. Like, if someone were to make a Souls, what game would it be? That’s what I learned from Magic the Gathering: I’ve been thinking about what story I’ve been writing for years. Sometimes Magic would reach out to me and be like “hey, do you want to write a story?”, so I could say “yes, I will. I already have one, and I have to write!”.

Sanderson has previously expressed plans to collaborate with From Software. In a series of questions and answers earlier this year, he reported that From Software should have contacted him instead of Martin to work at Elden Ring. “To see: From Software decides to make a fantasy game, and collaborates with a novelist of the genre, and picks up someone who spends the day blogging about the NFL for me, which I played at his games from King’s Field.”

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