Baka Bros $ 50K Warzone Tour: results, equipment and more

The revised map of Rebirth Island continues to host a series of high-risk Warzone tournaments featuring the world’s best players. Following the first qualifiers for the CDL Rebirth Resurgence Tournament, content team Baka Bros. is hosting another event with a grand prize in the game.

The tendency for content creators to organize tournaments is not diminishing. Such as TimTheTatman Team SummerTime has been organizing tournaments for the past few months, and after the first Warzone LAN, Baka Bros. has returned for another event.

That being said, you’ll find everything you need to know about the $ 50K Baka Bros. Rebirth Island Tournament at our dedicated action tracking center.

Baka Bros $ 50K Warzone Tournament Results

After finishing ten full matches off Rebirth Island, Team Repullze continued to win. Among the overall winners, the best teams in each game received $ 3K in prizes. Find a complete list of results as follows:

General winners

  • Emsage, Jezuzjrr y Envailed – $ 8K
  • Tommey, Almond and Newbz – $ 5K
  • Booya, DiazBiffle, SuperEvan – $ 2K

Party winners

  • Game 1 – Emsage, Jezuzjrr, Envailed
  • Game 2 – Blazt, Stukawaki, Slacked
  • Game 3: HusKerrs, UnRational, Scummn
  • Game 4 – Tommey, Almond, Newbz
  • Game 5 – Emsage, Jezuzjrr, Envailed
  • Game 6 – Booya DiazBiffle, SuperEvan
  • Game 7 – Tommey, Almond, Newbz
  • Game 8 – Jukeyz, Skrapz, Robstar
  • Game 9 – Tctekk, Immude, Nixstah
  • Game 10 – Aydan, zSmit, Hisoka

How to Watch Baka Bros.’s $ 50K Warzone Tournament

Most of the players will share their own perspectives on the action. To revive the action, we have incorporated the Repullze transmission onwards.

Baka Bros $ 50K Warzone Tournament Schedule

Qualifying for the main event took place on April 4th and included a combination of mortar races and bespoke lobbies to determine which players will arrive for the main event taking place on April 11th. The action begins at 16.00 PST (12.00 BST).

Baka Bros $ 50K Warzone Tournament Format

Contrary to the rankings, the main event will feature ten Rebirth Island games with points and multipliers awarded by assassinations and locations. The exact details of the rating system have not yet been revealed, but as soon as possible we will update the article with the latest information.

Baka Bros. $ 50K Warzone Tournament Players

As expected, the JGOD, Repullze and LuckyChamu team captains gathered five threes for the match. With some of the best players arriving on Rebirth Island, the event is sure to be very competitive. Here is a complete list of the teams competing:

LuckyChamu Team

  • Bearpig, FivebyFive, EpicPlayz
  • Deniro420, Intensevo, Alohamytv
  • Bobby Poff, Finessen, Lenun
  • Tommey, Almendra, Newbz
  • Destroy, ZLaner, Fifakill

JGOD team

  • Blazt, Stukawaki, to confirm
  • Mayappo, Ottereyes, Abwizz
  • HusKerrs, irrational, scornful
  • Jukeyz, Skrapz, Robstar
  • Gorb, Caballero, JoeWo

Repullze Team

  • Aydan, zSmit, Hisoka
  • Emsage, Jezuzjrr, Envailed
  • Galex, Chrxnicle, Pitufo
  • Tctekk, Immude, Nixtah
  • Booya, DiazBiffle, SuperEvan

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