Bahamian Rhapsody: complete cover with all finishes

How to get all the finals

The good ending on Ana

  • shakira
  • I prefer to go with the flow
  • Tell Ellie she’s getting older
  • I only want to eat protein
  • You have to tell us!
  • is a brave man
  • I like to try all kinds of new food.
  • I do not like girls
  • I’m a comedian, I can support him.
  • You will have to sell that toy online.
  • Frot Ellies spleen
  • Do not say anything
  • Thank you for everything
  • white wine
  • Best way to make a statement
  • Shrimp salad
  • Good luck being here
  • How often should you say the closing statement!
  • it would have been a great party
  • white wine
  • in the Caribbean
  • I know what it takes to run a business

(Gem 1)

Ana’s last evil

(Load Save 1) and select Do nothing.

  • Ellie’s good ending
  • Pablo Escobar
  • Read and remember
  • Ask Julie to calm down
  • People do not care about cool comedians.
  • do not do that
  • He ran his race fast
  • I prefer to share the things I know
  • Julie would never do that!
  • She knows what it takes to do that
  • Let me bring you a whiskey
  • Pide otra bebida
  • Say it calmly
  • Do you want to feel good?
  • pint beer
  • I’m sure everything’s fine.
  • The fisherman’s side
  • you look like you would
  • Go away, it does not matter
  • well there are not many people
  • Cuba free
  • for future love
  • There are many moral issues here.

(Gem 1)

Ellie’s last evil

  • (Load Save 1) and select Recharge.

course work

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