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This guide will show you how to maximize both “Take” and “Cut” all the traps and each of the traps
GTA 5 fitting the board and the right team members.

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Recruit additional crew members

Patrick McReary

After the “Complications” mission, you unlock the random “Getaway Driver” event located between Forum Drive and Strawberry Avenue.

To complete the random event that helps the two boys, Patrick McReary will unlock himself and become available as Gunman for the Heists.
Taliana Martinez
After the “Mr.Philips” mission, you unlock the random “Crash Rescue” event that takes place in the Senora bus, near Braddock Pass.

Taliana Martínez joins the random girls help event and will unlock herself and be available as the hat leader.
(If you don’t get Taliana to her house in time, she’ll break up and die, and you’ll never be able to unlock it!)

The Jeweler’s Work (Intelligent Fire)

  • Maximum Quantity: $4,946,153
  • Court of Max Michael: $1,223,073
  • Max Franklin Court: $293,539
  • Conductor: Karim Denz (8%)
  • Shooter: Patrick McReary (12%)
  • Hacker: Ricky Lukens (4%)

The “intelligent fire” is better than the strong, as only Michael and the shooter will capture the delights in the shop.
In turn, in the “rush storm”, the conductor will also help and, if a good conductor is not obtained, part of the toma will be lost.
Elija then “Intelligent Enfoque”, then the bottom toma controller, because the only thing that will change is that Franklin has to escape the heat with a Bati 801 in the area of ​​Sánchez.
He’s a good gun: Patrick is the best with the bottom toma, otherwise his gun will fall off part of the toma in the shop and die before reaching the tunnel.
Even if you put the street bag in your pocket when he dies, the small amount, along with the cost of the accident, will make the bad shooter more than a good one.

  • Bad Shooter: $4,515,930
  • Good Shooter: $4,946,153

As for Hacker, pick Ricky in the first place as you have exactly 50 seconds before the alarm goes off and 50 seconds is the allotted time to complete the “Quick Grab” objective for the gold medal.

The Merryweather Heist (Any Sound)

  • Maximum order: $20,000,000
  • Max Michael Hof: $0
  • Max Franklin Court: $0
  • Corte Max Trevor: $0

At this stage you don’t have to choose the crew members because all the work is done by the trio. In addition, at the end of the job, unfortunately, whoever is the chosen boss will not make any money.

Paleto’s point

  • Maximum Quantity: $8,016,020
  • Max Michael Court: Nearly $463,000
  • Max Franklin Court: Nearly $463,000
  • Max Trevor Court: Nearly $463,000
  • Shooter: Norm Richards (7%) or Daryl Johns (6%)

The cause of this delay mainly depends on how we move.
Every time someone runs away from you, you get money. Keep the gate covered to prevent this.
For the team you only need a Gunman and if you want to get the most out of the main characters, choose Norm or Daryl.
Both will die during the mission, but you can grab your bag without any problems. Unlike the jeweler’s job, the toma won’t suffer and the cost of counterfeit staples is much lower than hiring a good shooter: $18,000 or less on average.

The Office Raid

  • Maximum order: $331,985
  • Max Michael Hof: $0
  • Max Franklin Court: $242,346
  • Hacker: Ricky Lukens (4%)
  • Shooter: Daryl Johns (6%), Norm Richards (7%) or Hugh Welsh (7%)
  • Conductor: Taliana Martinez (5%)

There is no money for Michael in the Office Raid, but Franklin can make just under a quarter of a million and to maximize his earnings, choose the “Enter the House” cover.

In a firefight you have two pistols and if both are mediocre, one will die.

If you contract with two good weapons or two bad weapons, the cost or low cost will be higher than if you complete the lot with the other.
Once the “Entrance into the house” option is selected, it will go back to making Ricky the hacker (his skills have been improved from the previous attack so it won’t cause any problems). Like his pistol, choose a type with the lower right. It will not die and will improve its power which is best for business.

Last the Driver, tome Taliana to get the best escape vehicle with the slowest speed.
Karim cares more and if he doesn’t use it at all, he’ll be late for the meeting aboard a burrito instead of an ambulance. Of course, if this happens, you’ll need to feel the heat before arriving in Lester.

The big score

  • Maximum Quantity: $201.6 million
  • Court of Max Michael: $41,664,000
  • Max Franklin Court: $41,664,000
  • Court of Max Trevor: $41,664,000
  • Conductor 1: Taliana Martinez (5%)
  • Conductor 2: Karim Denz (8%)
  • Pistolero 1: D. Jonhs (6%), N. Richards (7%), H. Welsh (7%) or K. Abolaji (8%)
  • Pistolero 2: D. Jonhs (6%), N. Richards (7%), H. Welsh (7%) or K. Abolaji (8%)

Here we are back to the last one, the big one.
Elija “Enfoque obvio” to maximize his income as he will need four men instead of five. But if he prefers the “stubborn fire”, then go ahead, but avoid choosing Karim Denz as the first driver, if he has not used his services in a previous job, because in this case he will be arrested by the police arrested before arriving at the carriage . †
So, after selecting “Enfoque obvio”, take Taliana as the first conductor (she will drive the first helicopter) and Karim as the second (she will drive the train).
Don’t do the opposite, especially if Karim has no experience or you lose half the cup.

For both pistols, choose the type you want, narrow your range, take more money.
You won’t die or have nothing stupid, so don’t worry and pick guys like Daryl Jonhs (6%), Hugh Welsh (7%), Norm Richards (7%) or Karl Abolaji (8%).

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