Back 4 Blood reaches ten million players

Turtle Rock Studios announced that Back 4 Blood has already reached tens of millions of players.

The spiritual successor to the classic Left 4 Dead was released in October last year, with versions for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. By the end of that same month, and thankfully thanks to its inclusion in Xbox Game Pass from the same day of launch, it had already reached six million players.

The California study also took the opportunity to announce that Tunnels of Terror, a “huge expansion” that is part of the annual Fair, will be released on April 12. It includes new PvE activities, two characters, new enemy variants, and more character and weapon skins.

The new PvE mode, Ridden Hives, takes the form of a dungeon crawler cooperative for four players, with seven labels to explore. Among them will be the new Warped enemy Ridden, which will also be added to the PvP Swarm mode.

The rest of the content consists of two new characters, Sharice and Heng, twelve weapon skins, eight character skins, seven new legendary weapons, and a new difficulty mode, No Hope.

The Tunnels of Terror expansion could be played cooperatively by up to four players with only one of them purchased. Additionally, Turtle Rock insisted on keeping its commitment not to add new microtransactions to the game as part of the expansion, or in future content updates.

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