Audiences warn viewers of the popular anime “Lycoris Recoil” about the scene of “Higanbana in your mouth”, “Don’t imitate it!”

“Never imitate,” a warning spreads. Higanbana sucking scene in the popular anime Licorice Recoil | HuffPost

Licorice Recoil Higanbana Flaming Poison Flower Eye Catch Cosplay Attention-related images-02

In the 11th episode of the anime “Lycoris Recoil” broadcasted on September 10, the main characters

There was a scene where he had a cluster amaryllis in his mouth.On the other hand, when she cosplayed, she said, “Don’t imitate her.”

Fans and people involved in anime have called attention.

Licorice Recoil Higanbana Flaming Poison Flower Eye Catch Cosplay Attention-related images-03

An eye catch that was projected before and after the commercial of episode 11. Senzoku Nishiki before CM, Takinaga Inoue after CM

A scene in which he holds a lit amaryllis in his mouth as if he were smoking. This is “seriously emo”

There was a lot of feedback among the fans, “Do you have such a cool eye catch?”

However, the entire cluster amaryllis is highly toxic, and eating it may cause symptoms of poisoning.

Even among anime fans, the warning tweets became a buzz, and even the person in charge of illustration posted additional warnings.

Read full text below

Seriously cluster amaryllis dangerous!
Should I only imitate the scene where I act on the steel frame …

You have to know that as common sense.
Oleander and amaryllidaceae are familiar to me.
Both are highly toxic, so it’s a shame to eat them.
In the first place, licorice refers to amaryllidaceae, so it was illustrated as a production.

Compliance doesn’t work here.

Only idiots would do such a thing, and I don’t think they would listen to me even if I explained it to them.

I thought it was common sense, but maybe there are many people who don’t know about this situation…?

Do you recommend smoking?
Why is there no government guidance?

No… the idea of ​​holding a cluster amaryllis in your mouth just feels disgusting.

Are there idiots who don’t know that?
In the old days, parents and adults taught children
Adults have become stupid in recent years, so it can’t be helped.

Why wasn’t there a note when the anime aired?
This came out later.

Eh, is there an idiot in this world who doesn’t know that amaryllis is poisonous?

no, more than that
“Never shoot at people.
It’s no good having one.”
I should teach you

Some people say something about compliance, but if you say that, it’s useless at the point where there’s a depiction of violence against people in the first place.

There was a person who said that even if an idiot who imitates and suffers comes out, it’s his own responsibility, so there’s no need to call attention, but that’s just extreme.

The etymology of the name of the DA’s secret group “Lycoris” comes from the scientific name of Amaryllidaceae, “Lycoris radiata”.
“Radiata” is the name of DA’s AI (artificial intelligence) engine, and its etymology also comes from Higanbana.

Really, if it’s something I know a little about, I’ll mount it;
It’s just saying “It’s dangerous because it’s poisonous!” w
I think it’s really sick that the story goes like “A guy who doesn’t have common sense”. It’s become a habit, isn’t it? I can’t have a normal conversation.

I did Rico Rico
To be noticed for something like this
I hope it’s not abused

I think this should be called attention not only at official events but also at cosplay-related events.
If something happens, the official or the event organizer will be hit. Those who do do it.

Didn’t you say in the story that amaryllidaceae is a poisonous plant? !

Won’t you warn me not to shoot the gun I picked up?

Worse than cigarettes

why did you hire me

It’s that kind of propaganda.
too smelly

Or suddenly commit suicide with a gun you picked up
Don’t shoot at JK
should be alerted

Wasn’t it poisonous?I was watching while thinking, but was it really dangerous?

If you’re going to call attention, don’t start from the beginning Eye-catching isn’t that important

Rather than saying that, I’d rather not destroy the Skytree.

This really shows the extent of the author’s Otsum…

Licorice means amaryllis

oh i did it
I’m done with this anime

There are a lot of ignorant children, so it seems like they’re okay

Rather than holding a flower in your mouth, if you’re holding a lighter or smoking, don’t make it smell like smoking.
Underage character

I did this
You can switch to cigarettes.

Put in a telop telling good children not to imitate.

Don’t imitate it, it’s not glue lol
It’s dangerous if a child imitates it

Don’t draw a picture with such a composition if you’re going to write a note
If you write a note in the tweet of the picture, you can still understand, but even if you write a note in the reply column, the idiot who didn’t see it will imitate and cause an accident.

All cosplayers!this is a warning
It’s absolutely dangerous to wear a uniform and hold a gun in the city, so don’t imitate it!

I thought this eyecatch, “Lycoris Recoil” was a wonderful illustration representing the work
Do I have to issue a warning for something like this… Isn’t it known that amaryllis is poisonous?

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