Atsushi Inaba will be the new director of PlatinumGames

Kenichi Sato, the former director of PlatinumGames, resigned in December 2021, after almost six years in office. Now, it has been announced that Atsushi Inaba, the company’s former vice president, will be the new director.

Sato will be retained within the company through a consulting position. Inaba, on the other hand, published his cover letter:

“Creating innovative forms of gaming. This is the belief through which PlatinumGames was founded, and something that will never change. Video games have different styles and touch different types of people. In its nature, it is the true expression of freedom: thoughts that create an idea, develop it and play it later […] It is a work of which I am extremely proud. »

Without forgetting any of PlatinumGames’ plans for this year 2022, but we know that the next launch will be Babylon’s Fall, an action RPG with multiplayer elements that will launch on March 3 for PLayStation and Steam.

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