Atlus Launches Website With Accounts Linked To Soul Hackers

Atlus launched a new website associated with Soul Hackers.

For now, only post a report scheduled for next Monday, February 21, and a blurb that says “Hello HUMAN. We want your information.”

Soul Hackers is a spin-off of the Devil Summoner saga (formerly associated with Shin Megami Tensei) originally released on Sega Saturn in 1997, although it could not be played translated until 2013 with its version for Nintendo 3DS.

As a quick differentiator, Soul Hackers has a cyberpunk vibe; our character is part of a team of hackers. On Atlus’ social media, there is reference to an entity called “Aion”, a name similar to tech company Algon Soft. who had a big lead role in the original title.

At this time, we don’t know exactly what the project is referring to on the web, but Atlus social networks outside of Japan have shared the account in the past.

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