ATLAS – How to correctly choose a server as a newbie

A quick and easy guide on how to choose a server without mistakes.

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Connection to a server

In the Atlas, there are two kingdoms and main types, EU and NA server.
Each server is equipped with PVP or PVE option, of course PVE will be easier to start, but if you want a failure, starting PVP can be fun for you.
On these servers, each server has a map called “Ocean”, which the map resembles
Don’t worry about the size, I know it can be intimidating at first, but there’s nothing to worry about.
It takes 30 hours to navigate the map in a horizontal line (which is impossible now that there are islands and other obstacles and natural encounters you will encounter). Including over 30 hours!

Choose an island to leave

By default, when selecting an island in Atlas, a map image is displayed with different squares and titles for each, such as “G7” or “A10”.
These islands have different appearance points that you can choose from in the Atlas world. Each server has all the islands connected in one world.
You can change this format to show the islands in text boxes with organized lines by clicking a small button on the button just next to a white text that reads “Show map of Atlas” The defective button is white (white means it is selected ), click it and it will turn gray to change the text format in chapters.

What kind of server do I have? Is there no law or port base?

There are two different types of islands, there are regions without law and ports of origin.
The difference between them is important to start with.

Puerto base

Easy access to the raft:

if you decide to appear on the island of the base gate, it will generate you in a small town with inland NPCs.
One of the NPCs will give you access to a plan for a raft. This is an easy access method to get a raft from the base.

Easy access to water:

each island also has the same design from the beginning, near the center of the island is a Greek temple, next to it is a tank full of clean water.
Go to the water and press it (or your “use” button) and drink some water. You can also fill your water bottles here. Each island also has different monster/animal types, so be careful.

lawless region

Regions without laws will generate you in the square you choose (an island somewhere nearby), but you don’t specify where it belongs.
There are already recorded people stranded in the middle of the ocean without anything and taken captive to die from icy waters.

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