Aspiring cartoonist “I can’t draw because I’m too busy” Professional “It’s not that I can’t draw, so I won’t. You’re playing games anyway, right?”

Applicant: “I’m too busy working part-time to draw”

Pro: It’s not that I can’t draw, it’s that I don’t draw.
Why are you playing games anyway?
Even if you reduce the part-time job, it will end with just an increase in game time.
What is the game by the way? “

Candidate: “Haa, Splatoon…”

Pro “You’re not bad. The real enemy is Nintendo”

Splatoon 3 -Switch
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Pokén will also be on sale soon w

No, this is serious. This is Nintendo’s fault()

no more

I’m also busy with Xenobu* and Ba* Operation 2 (real work too)
Room cleaning and redecoration do not progress at all

A part-time job is Salmon Run’s part-time job lol

Seriously this lol
I say I don’t have time for a part-time job, but in my free time I watch Twitter and splatter
I want to draw, but right now it’s splat

i wasn’t bad

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