As reported, EA and Criterion are working on the speed requirement for the current generation

According to reports, EA and developer Criterion are working on a new Need for Speed ​​game that will be exclusive to the current generation of consoles. Production of exclusive games for the next third generation has been slow due to the long development period and the high demand for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles.

Reported for the first time by Grubbsnax (transcribed by VGC), a new Need for Speed ​​title will be launched in November. Although this has not been confirmed by EA or Criterion, Jeff Grubb has an impressive history of informative information before it is officially confirmed.

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Exclusive to the current generation of Need for Speed

This is what Grubb says about the upcoming delivery of the racing game franchise:

“Need for Speed ​​will always come this year, it’s definitely that game should come in November. If you are a Need for Speed ​​fan who has purchased a new generation of console, here is some news; is only for the next generation. It only changes for the next generation ”.

If Grubb’s report is correct, there’s a good chance that Need for Speed ​​will abandon the previous generation of consoles in favor of newer hardware. By November, the situation may change as EA and Criterion tighten their seat belts for a new era of Need for Speed. Let’s wait for the official confirmation, so let’s pay attention to Pro Games Tips as this story unfolds.

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