As a result of terrestrial broadcasting of “Princess of Dragons and Freckles”, the worst thing will happen…

Child Guidance Center in “Princess of Dragons and Freckles”

“We can’t respond until 48 hours have passed.”

Actual Child Guidance Center

“Respond within 48 hours”

↓ Results…

Opinions received from viewers in September 2022 | BPO | Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization |

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Comments from viewers in September 2022

“In a movie that was broadcast on television,Misunderstanding the child guidance center’s response rules, such as actual abuse

Content that may make problem resolution difficultwas there.Already pointed out at the time of theatrical release

I knew the problem. We should have taken measures not to spread misunderstandings during the broadcast. ”

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That’s a serious problem, so it’s only natural

No one said anything until it was screened and aired.

I mean, when you draw something like that, do you research and check if you can get consistency?

It didn’t matter if it was fun

Ah, the guy who was poked badly by the reviewer
Of course, did no one stop the production side?

If he had simply been portrayed as an employee with no problem-solving skills, he probably wouldn’t have gone this far.

I haven’t seen it, but there was a dark side like child consultation.

this is what i was told

10 years ago it was touted as the next Hayao Miyazaki, why?

Anyway, it’s a boring movie, so it doesn’t matter
I have no choice but to entrust it to Shinkai

It can also be interpreted that the old hag who called was quick
Because the other party’s voice was not heard by the viewer
Employee: “Okay, I’ll definitely help you within 48 hours. Don’t worry.”
Old hag: What? I can’t move until 48 hours later!?
there is a possibility that

↑ The interpretation is too forceful

i don’t want it on tv

(Worst case) It doesn’t work until 48 hours later! ?
do this

↑If it’s 48 hours later, it violates the response within 48 hours…

Isn’t it ironic that real child consultations don’t move at all?
Don’t you think it’s deep?

What’s wrong?Actually incompetent child consultation

↑ There are so many idiots like this
If it’s for the sake of justice that I think of, I’m an idiot who thinks I can do anything against the evil that I’ve designated

You’re the one who intentionally made the child consultation the bad guy.
Wasn’t someone able to stop it?

This is like being told by BPO not to let Hosoda write the script.

In the first place, I don’t understand calling a child consultation center after watching a violent video.
call the police

↑ Certainly


It’s true that it was terrible… I should go to BPO…

Did no one say that part during production?
No matter how much it’s fiction, it’s a bit…

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