Arrested Hidekazu Tanaka’s “Uzaki-chan” anime OP, the CD will be canceled in a hurry…

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[Breaking news]Mr. Hidekazu Tanaka, a super-famous anime song composer such as “Imus”, “Aikatsu”, “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san” OP, arrested

TV anime “Uzaki-chan wants to hang out! ω” non-credit opening “Ichigo Ichie Celebration” Kano and Uzaki-chan

* Theme song
Opening theme “Ichigo Ichie Celebration”
Song: #Kano and Uzaki-chan
Lyricist: #Tomokazu TashiroComposition/Arrangement: #Hidekazu Tanaka(Bambino)

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Kano / MKLNtic Split EP “Ichigo Ichie Celebration / Happy Life” Cancellation Notice | Kano official site

Hidekazu Tanaka Arrested CD Sale Canceled Ichigo Ichigo Kano and Uzaki-chan Images related to Uzaki-02

Kano / MKLNtic split EP scheduled to be released on November 30, 2022

“Ichigo Ichie Celebration / Happy Life” (2 product numbers below)Release canceled due to various reasonsI will assume.

Regarding reserved items, please contact the company where you made the reservation.

■ “Ichigo Ichie Celebration / Happy Life[Kano Edition]”: SNCL-00070

■ “Ichigo Ichie Celebration / Happy Life[MKLNtic Edition]”: SNCL-00071

We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the release.

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Japanese people like this kind of lynching, don’t they?

If you keep using it, you’ll have to pay royalties every time you use that song, so if you use it at an event or something like that, you’ll get criticism.

Is it possible to waive or transfer rights?

That’s why I can’t take risks
well of course

It’s natural because it’s an incident with a victim

Until the atonement is over
It’s okay to stop

How many alternative composers are there?

Uzaki-chan, who is doing it now, is also playing songs, but he erased his name from the telop, right?
If you’re going to erase your name, replace the song
It’s completely private

I wish I could put a sticker on it saying it was composed by a sex offender and sell it

How would you feel if the victim saw the composer’s name when they went to a CD shop?

What will happen to Sana Natori’s Tokyo Dome concert?

You detonated an outrageous bomb on Aikatsu’s 10th anniversary.

Can’t you change the OP?

Wow ah ah ah finally the canceled song came out oooooooo
What are you doing?

From the manufacturer’s point of view, well…
The problem is with songs that have already been released… what to do…

[ Exclusive]Ichigo Ichie Celebration / Happy Life (MKLNtic Edition) (with Mega Jacket)

Release date: 2022-11-30
Manufacturer: SMM itaku (music)
Category: Music
Sales Rank: 2836
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[External benefits included, first production run]Kano / MKLNtic “Ichigo Ichie Celebration / Happy Life” (Kano version) + First edition specification / Enclosed benefits: (1) Jewel case, paper sleeve (2) Enclosed benefits Cheki-style acrylic key chain (Kano mini-character ver.) + tin badge (57mm) (Kano board ver.)

Release date:
A maker: Generic product
Category: Music
Sales Rank: 225814
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