Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the festive operations of the World of Tanks

World of Tanks has just launched a trailer for its anticipated festive event, Operations Festive 2022, in which a true action hero emerges: Arnold Schwarzenegger! Forums and social networks have reportedly resumed commanders years after Arnold joined the World of Tanks, and if the team retains its seats in the manga alone, the community’s wishes can come true.

The trailer tells the story of Little Johnny and his map, which never reached its destination. Although three decades have passed since he was sent, Arnold receives the message and knows what to do at the moment: get on his helicopter and visit Little Johnny. What happens when it arrives? Watch the trailer to discover it!

World of Tanks

Festive operations are an event of great popularity that takes place during the Christmas and New Year holidays. In this case, players must decorate a special city in the game with a large collection of decorations and other items in different styles. As long as the bosses add elements to the people, their level of festive atmosphere will increase and at each level they will receive items of great value as reward.

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