Ark Pass launch date, rewards and everything we know

El Take care of the sheet of the lost sheet could have headed west before we thought. Although Smilegate did not make any official announcements about the MMO’s trip to a battlefield, a recent video with Proving Grounds showed a brief overview of an icon with the “Ark Pass” mark. Still not knowing how the path will be seen and what rewards will be in the game, even though it’s like the Korean version, we have a pretty clear idea of ​​what to expect.

This guide covers everything we know about Ark Pass, including when you can start and what rewards it will offer.

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When is the release date for The Lost Ark Ark Pass?

Considering that the Ark Pass icon appeared in a video from Proving Grounds, we would be surprised if the battle pass does not debut in the next set of updates. Smilegate has planned content during April and May, including the new Glaivier class, so it’s almost certain that Ark Pass will launch before June, at least Smilegate simply has the courage to be quirky and the star alone for fun.

What is Ark Pass?

Ark Pass is your standard combat pass that is similar to other service games. Includes a free route with standard rewards like craft materials and a “premium” pet-paid route and double what you get in the standard. The premium route costs about $ 20, though the Korean version also includes a $ 50 Super Premium pass that brings new cosmetics along with everything else. Ark Pass has a duration of three months, or at least the Korean version.

Without a ban, it is not clear whether this is how the Western launch will build Ark Pass and its price.

What are the Ark Pass rewards this month?

We will update when it is available in the West!

Is Ark Pass worth it?

Depends on what you want out of your game. Basic materials (weapon boxes for example) do not provide something that cannot be found elsewhere, although there is always the possibility of ending up with something that provides a higher equipment point. If you like cosmetics, the Super Premium Passport can be attractive, though $ 50 is a negligible amount of money just for some special looks.

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