ArenaNet with connection problems

Bad news for Guild Wars 2 players

If you are a Guild Wars 2 user, you will have noticed that both the website and the game servers are unavailable. Esto se debe a que ArenaNet And its entire network infrastructure has been affected by an electrical fault in the European data center located in Frankfurt, rendering some of the equipment unusable.

Right now I’m fixing the problem and while this continues the accounts connecting to the European servers can’t log into the game, además de verse afectada tanto la página af Guild Wars 2 como la de la propia ArenaNet.

Algunas cuentas norteamericanas que pasan por el centro de datas europeo tampoco pueden loguear. Están trabajando en restauran el equipo de la red, but for now they cannot determine the time it will take to restore all systems, ya que necesitan hacerlo de una forma segura para no comprometer la integrita de las bases de data y los servidos.

The issue has coincided with the launch of tests in preparation for the demo of the Path of Fire expansion, which begins on Friday, August 11 until Sunday, August 13.

The manager of ArenaNet communicates that «although a large part of the world will not be able to access until the service is restored, the tests will begin in the same way. We know this is far from ideal. However, we only have 3 days left to prepare for the demo, and with that time, it’s important that we continue with the launch today so that we have time to address the issues that arise,” commented Mike O’Brien, President for ArenaNet on Twitter.

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