Arena of Ares – Competitive PvP in 1vs1 Arenas with magicians

Arena and Ares, Competitive PvP 1vs1 with Magos

Arena and Ares is a video game developed by Wonder child game y designed for eSports. We meet with Arenas 1vs1, where magicians will meet each other. The game deals with craftsmanship, tricks and a personalization of the character similar to that of an RPG. We also have destructive environments affecting the confrontation, hechizos based on physics and one high fitnow that we do not have classes or heroes, we tend to create an effective battle building.

Arena of Ares is currently on Kickstarter with one meta fijada at $ 10,000 below state of all or nothingthat is, if the target is not set, the game will not see the light.


The parties

  • Fast departures of a maximum of 7 minutes.
  • Mago vs. Magician (PvP).
  • Died in the Arena de Ares.

Prepare your Build before you start

  • Choose 5 hechizos (electric shield, Hades’ Lee)
  • 2 elements (eg telequinesis, slower time).
  • 1 Obelisk (ya hav Icarian, Dardanian or Arcadian). Obelisk are structures that provide bonus statistics but can be destroyed.
  • Choose your equipment

Prizes to be won

  • A random craft material (from the common abedul raíz to the ultra-rare Ra tears) used to create hechizos and objects.
  • Gold to buy craft materials.
  • You will also find ELO if it was a classification match. The scoring system Elo is a mathematical method, based on statistical calculations, to calculate the players’ relative abilities.

Detailed spell form and item production / inventory system.

Arena of Ares will have features to create integrated tournaments. Brackets, packaging and prizes are included directly with the customer of the game. It is planned to hold official tournaments and allow players to organize their own tournaments. Of course, it will take a lot of effort to develop it. This feature is a promise that will only be fulfilled if it reaches $ 100,000.

Create tournaments with friends!

A pretty curious project isn’t it? What do you think of the game?

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