April 25 Black Ops Cold War park notes

Despite Vanguard being the main focus of Activision in 2022, Treyarch continues to support Black Ops Cold War for the sake of fans who have not yet played.

Recent updates include the arrival of the Vargo 52 assault rifle and the appearance of a modified version of the WMD multiplayer map of the original Black Ops title.

On April 25, the developer shared details of several changes in Outbreak Zombies mode along with a new site that will offer permanent updates to those who have already completed several Easter eggs in Dark Aether.

April 25 Black Ops Cold War park notes

Easter eggs

The Easter eggs are a big part of the Zombies experience, and while the experience of the living dead in Vanguard may be missed in the main missions, there is still a lot to complete in Black Ops Cold War. This is what changed the update on April 25:

  • A new secret location has been added that will offer more than a dozen rewards and a permanent improvement over any Zombis card, depending on the number of main missions you have completed.

Crumbs of bread

  • Players must survive each high-intensity wave for 10 minutes before attempting to leave a single region.
  • After choosing one of the two random regions to infiltrate, you must struggle to survive as the difficulty level increases every two minutes.
  • Resist until the time limit and run to the starting point in the lowest position of your team while a wave of zombies approaches your position.
  • Sal successfully in the region before the time to win ends.


  • Hostile abomination added to Brote.
  • HVT abomination added to the goal Eliminate.


  • Grave tape: An issue has been resolved regarding which players with Tombstone Level IV will not return near the end of the round.

Mysterious box

  • The weapons from the seventh season are now available from Mystery Box.

The changes are largely positive for Cold War Zombies fans. In addition, a number of cosmetic articles have appeared that suggest that something is going on inside the dark ether.

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