Apple is updating the rules of its App Store that affect games with Loot Boxes

It will be mandatory for the games to show the probability of hitting the objects in the Loot Boxes

Apple yesterday launched an update that adds new rules to its app store. Quite concretely the new version requires applications with button boxes to reveal the likelihood of hitting the offered objects.

“Applications that offer ‘button boxes’ and other mechanisms that offer random virtual articles for purchase must disclose the likelihood of receiving each type of item from customers prior to purchase,” the new rule states (in section 3.1. 1).

[amazon_link asins=’B01LSUYWO0′ template=’ProductAd’ store=’es-1′ marketplace=’ES’ link_id=’1aa5ecfc-e685-11e7-8173-3df46e7f3116′]Button boxes are a problem that has been going on in games for a while, but now, with all the controversy that has grown around its use in Star Wars: Battlefront 2, as many users as various organisms and companies are taking a view. .

With this move, Apple joins the initiative we saw last year in China, and may have taken this step to cover the front lines of future rules declaring loot boxes a scam, with the consequence of forcing someone to qualify. games that count as “Adults only“, Which can have a significant impact on its availability and price.

Personally, I see loot boxes as busy as the system advance purchase packages with benefits island sale of virtual currencies for titles that commonly use MMORPGs, among other generations, and that no one talks about, but in this case, we’re clear that we know what we’re buying, and loot boxes offer a random article that encourages you to follow shopping to provide the item you want.

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