Apple is blocking the Steam Link APP

Valve has announced that the application Steam Linkwhich was announced just two weeks ago has been recovered by Apple and has finally got in place the options to get the application on iOS devices.

Apple: First of all

The application is designed to make a mobile device work in the same way as a Steam link, allowing users to transfer games over the same WiFi network from their PC running Steam. Valve has stated that the application has already been approved by Apple, but that it has been blocked retroactively and the appeal rejected.

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“On Monday, May 7, Apple approved the launch of the Steam Link app. On Wednesday, May 9, Valve will share the news of the application,” Valve commented in the press release. allegedly had not been made by the original review team. “

Valve appealed on the grounds that there are many similar streaming apps in the App Store, but this appeal was denied.

“In the latter case, this appeal was rejected, leaving the Steam Link app for iOS blocked,” Valve continued. “The team spent many hours on this project and in the approval process, so we are clearly disappointed. But we hope Apple will consider it in the future. “

Apple has revoked decisions on previous applications, generally under public pressure, as well as the revision of decisions on alleged applications due to controversial political issues.

The Steam Link app is currently available on Android in beta.

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