Apple: “If you want to seamlessly text your parents on Android phones, buy them an iPhone.”

Cook CEO ‘buy my mother an iPhone’ over texting problem with ‘Android’ – CNET

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On the same day that Apple announced the new iPhone,If you want to be able to text seamlessly with your Android parent, Tim Cook said, “buy your mom an iPhone,” adding, “At this point, we don’t have a lot of requests to focus on that. It has not been submitted by the user.”

On September 8, US time, after announcing the “iPhone 14” series and other products at the autumn new product launch event, he took the stage at Vox Media’s conference “Code 2022” and said so.

In August, Google launched a public website urging Apple to adopt RCS, a text messaging standard, in an effort to increase public pressure on Apple. RCS replaces SMS and MMS, and if adopted by both iPhone and Android, will allow text messages to flow more smoothly between the two systems. Google claims that over 500 million people are using RCS. By adopting RCS, it can provide features similar to Apple’s iMessage, such as displaying dots to indicate that you are typing, encryption, and texting higher quality videos and photos.

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In other words, it is bad not to use the iPhone

“Buy my mother an iPhone”
“I will switch to Android”

Apple teaching
Enclosure! Isn’t the guy who says that he doesn’t have enough faith and donations?

From Sora Cook’s point of view, you can buy an iPhone.

I have something in common with Sony.

e? Want to make messaging with parents on Android easier? ?
HAHAHA! Why don’t you buy an iPhone for your parents too?
Yaruo instigation haha ​​warosu

I see! It would have been solved if I bought an iPhone 14 (cheapest 120,000 yen)!
Husband who doesn't do it, joy, round and round

Husband who does Husband who does not

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