[ApexLegends]CR Cup Final?! ? The tenth preview video will make you cry… and people three are on the identical group!

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It is likely to be the final time! ? The tenth CR Cup Apex Legends that has develop into a scorching matter.

While there are expectations about what sort of members will probably be composed of,
The standard identify “3BR” of “Yuta Seki, SHAKA, SPYGEA”
It has develop into clear that they are going to be on the identical group, and they’re attracting consideration.

Huh, will it come out within the subsequent 3BR cr cup?

3BR is simply too scorching for a CR cup! ! ! !

Is it critical that CR cup 3BR comes out?

In this CR Cup, there are too many highlights in Egumon, 3br, and Kuzunoha.

I virtually cried
Looking ahead to the twenty first! ! ! !

Whoa! ! significantly! ! !I’m so completely satisfied

3BR continues to be attractive

Will it come out with this CR Cup 3BR!? !
The group is simply too scorching! ! !
Yaruo machine gun shooting dodo dodo dodo

Since this time is alleged to be the final time,
I’ve to see this! !
Husband who does not do both hands denial

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