ApeCoin Replanteo: Can I play on ApeCoin?

Apecoin, the government token that fuels the BAYC market, is rising very high in value and jumping to new historic highs with a price close to the $ 20 mark, but it is ApeCoin Replanteo ever something?

Yuga Labs has recently confirmed the news of their upcoming project “The Other Side Metaverse”. This news has positively impacted ApeCoin prices, allowing cryptography to disappear in late April.

The newly launched Apecoin will be responsible for boosting the BAYC ecosystem, but will Apecoin be used for participation purposes?

Can you use Apecoin to make bets?

Yuga Labs does not officially allow betting ApeCoin for now, but this may change quickly depending on the suggestions from its community. The ApeCoin Forum has several AIPs that offer ApeCoin participation ideas.

These AIPs (proposals) are now available and the titles are ready to vote on them. If so, they will pave the way for betting ApeCoin.

Without restrictions, these proposals do not work well. AIP-5, which first proposed the bet, was voted against by the community. Cryptomoned influencer Cobie also released a Substack questioning ApeCoin’s response proposal, which sought to distribute 17.5% of APE’s supply to stakeholders over the next three years.

“Isn’t it just paying people in ApeCoin to have ApeCoin?” asked before describing ApeCoin efforts as a “bribe” for not selling.

Others in the AIP-5 and Twitter Spaces discussion questioned the lack of participation limits and undeserved rewards for BAYC titles.

AIP-21 and 22 have returned to propose replanting, albeit with changes (replanting limits) hoping to help approve replanting votes. These aggregates limit the amount you can bet on preserved NFTs.

With no limitations, if you can not wait until these AIPs are passed, there is another unofficial option.

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How to bet on ApeCoin

vEmpire, a decentralized investment organization of Metaverse, GameFi and NFT has introduced a participant group for Apecoin.

To select APE in vEmpire, the company will need the participation of the investor who buys other activities based on simios and plays games within the Ape ecosystem.

Apparently, this is obviously different from how traditional forms of betting and betting groups work, bringing its separation from the official ApeCoin ecosystem. Until the official bet of ApeCoin, this is one of the only forms of ‘bet’ in the currency.

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