Announcing at The Game Awars 2018

Under The Game Awars 2018, Annapurna interactive revealed Sayonara Wild Heartsa euphoric musical dream of being impressive, riding a motorcycle, patinar, dancing, piling, disparate with a sling, mixing swords and heartbeats to an infarto rhythm.

Created by the award-winning Simogo studio, best known for DEVICE 6 and Year Walk games, Sayonara Wild Hearts is an adrenaline-fueled arcade game in which players take control of The Fool, a motorcyclist wrapped in an interdimensional and romantic quest for to find the hearts of rival motorcyclists.

The game has a well-written pop soundtrack and is strictly mixed with playability. Contains a selection of elegant characters based on tarot cards as they synthesize electronic pop, dance, fashion, anime, arcade games, subcultures and more.

Sayonara Wild Hearts goes on sale on Nintendo Switch and other platforms in 2019.

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