Announcement of ten new games on GeForce Now

Nvidia announced this week’s news for the GeForce Now video game streaming service catalog.

This week’s list is led by Sifu, Sloclap’s kung fu game that we say in our review that “it takes the best of Sloclap’s soulslike, roguelike, and clean to deliver an authentic product.”

The ten games added this week are:

  • Not Tonight 2 (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • Diplomacy is not an option (Steam)
  • Template Builder (Steam)
  • Sifu (epic games store)
  • Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood (Steam)
  • Escape Simulator (Steam)
  • March of Empires (Steam)
  • Modern Combat 5 (Steam)
  • Parkasaur (steam)
  • Truberbrook (Steam and Epic Games Store)

In addition, the American company has noted that in the coming days there will also be important updates for some games already in the catalog. This is the case of Apex Legends, with the start of the new season (entitled Resistance) or Far Cry 6, which will receive the DLC Joseph: Caída.

Finally, as part of GeForce Now’s second anniversary celebration, we will continue to deliver exclusive content for designated titles. This week will be the turn of Eternal Run, which will receive two exclusive skins, Military Doctor for Cathy and an inspired streaming service for Silvia.


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