Announcement of No Man’s Sky on Switch

Hello Games has announced a Nintendo Switch version of No Man’s Sky.

The spectacular space exploration simulator will be available on Nintendo’s hybrid console this summer, on a specific date yet to be determined. The UK independent review has revealed that it has been “working in secret” on this port for two years, which is undoubtedly technically quite ambitious given the limitations of the Switch’s hardware and the demands of its procedural world.

In the ad, he said “it’s been so many times that we’ve come home one day convinced it’s impossible, only to have someone fight with it the next day and come up with a one-size-fits-all technical solution.”

Although judging by the trailer there are some graphical offers regarding the existing versions for PlayStation, Xbox and PC, it seems that the new version of No Man’s Sky will include all their content and features, including ships , games, space stations, tools musicals, dolls, sand dunes and many other things that have been added through updates over the past few years.

Hello Games has made sure to provide more information on the Switch port, including interface, control or gameplay details, as long as the launch “this summer” draws near.

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