Announced Xbox Game Pass for PC

Microsoft has today announced the new steps it is taking to contribute to the ecosystem of PC games. The most important news, and which we already have news about, is the arrival of Xbox Game Pass for PC which will be given more details at E3.

Xbox Game Pass PC with over 100 games for € 3.99 per month

Xbox Game Pass for PC gives players unlimited access to a library of over 100 PC games in Windows 10, well-known developers and editors of PC games such as Bethesda, Deep Silver, Devolver Digital, Paradox Interactive, SEGA and more. And just like it did on the console, the intention is to include new Xbox Game Studios games on the Xbox Game Pass for PC on the same day as its global launch, including newly acquired studio titles like Obsidian and inXile.

Microsoft is working with more than 75 developers and editors to bring PC content to the service, assuring us that the library will continue to be reviewed and filled with great PC titles across a number of generations, with new games added next month.

Xbox Game Pass for PC members will also receive a discount in the Microsoft Windows Store of up to 20% on games currently available at the library and up to a 10% discount on DLC and game-related extras.

Updated June 9, 2019

Xbox Game Pass for PC is sold at an incredible price of 3.99 per. month with a first month for 1 €.

Xbox Game Pass pc

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