Announced Snow Bros. Special |

Daewon Media Game Lab has announced that Snow Bros. Special, a revival of the classic creative game Toaplan released in 1990.

This new version is developed by the CRT Games studio and should be launched in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch. From what we could see, it has new graphics adapted to the widescreen format and a more modern style, aligned with the pixel art of the original.

Additionally, it was also revealed that Clear River Games, which will be in charge of publishing the game in Europe, will also release a physical version, which includes the cartridge, an instruction manual, three stickers and the Monster Challenge DLC, which allows play to control enemy monsters.

CRT Games Founder and Executive Producer Sung-Gil Yim said that “Snow Bros. is full of childhood memories, and with Snow Bros. special fans of the original game can rekindle their love for it. The simple control and intuitiveness of it was originally reflected in Snow Bros. Special, making it so simple that new players enjoy the game as long as they know Nick and Tom.”

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