Anime works presently on air this season are being postponed one after one other… The causes are all ○○… The anime trade could also be harmful

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[Sad news]Broadcast after episode 4 of the anime “NieR Automata” has been postponed considerably, and the resumption is undecided

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Anime “NieR: Automata” postponed after 4 episodes

Animation “UniteUp!” Postpones broadcast after episode 4

Anime “Ayakashi Triangle” postponed after episode 5

Anime ‘Kubo-san will not forgive me’ postponed after episode 7

If you suppose that there are plenty of works which were postponed not too long ago… is that true?
Anime is dying increasingly more this season… Corona’s influence is simply too dangerous…

I believe it is nonetheless going to have an effect on the anime trade.
I’m afraid there will probably be anime that will probably be postponed sooner or later…

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