Anime music singer well-known for Dragon Ball’s ED, and so on. “It’s inevitable that I’ll become a femme! I’ve been sexually harassed by Dragon Ball fans.”

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Anime music singer Ushio Hashimoto: “KanColle is crazy. What’s the fun in feminizing weapons and weapons of war? Do you want to go to war?”

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From tweets by anime music singer Ushio Hashimoto, who is known for Dragon Ball ED “Romantic Ageyo” and so on. ▼

Ever since I began singing “Romantic Ageruyo”, I’ve been sexually harassed by Dragon Ball followers. I requested him to do a scene the place Bulma reveals Kame Sennin no panties and a scene the place she reveals her breasts in a bunny woman outfit.
There are idiots who do not know what to say although they’re followers.
Are you in that class too?
There have been individuals such as you who’ve been sexually harassing actual ladies for the previous 36 years, so it was inevitable that I’d develop into a tsuifemi.

If you stop all sexual harassment remarks and actions and reform your self, I’ll acknowledge you as a real Dragon Ball fan.

You’ve been holding a grudge for many years although you were not seen carrying no panties?
the entire man

i like that music
I did not know you’d come throughout one thing like that

Sexual harassment bastards ought to actually mirror on what they’ve performed with out arguing.
Recognize that you’ve got acted worse than a beast.
Don’t rub your sexual want in a cowardly manner on somebody you’ll be able to’t attain.
Showa’s previous males who’re previous… unhappy…

Is it true?
Anyway, if somebody mentioned that to Bulma’s voice actor, Tsuru-san, he is the one who sang the unrelated ending, proper?
Testimony is proof, nevertheless it’s not the identical as the problem of consolation ladies and Kusatsu, however it could possibly’t be proof.

wait a minute
Why would you make such a sexual harassment order to a singer… it is unusual.
If the followers get offended too, it is the one that requested the sexual harassment.

It’s been mentioned that sexual harassment otaku who cannot distinguish between fiction and actuality have been round for a very long time, and Hashimoto-san is 100% positive to be the sufferer, however wanting on the quotes, there are fairly just a few scum attacking Hashimoto-san. I am unable to assist however assume that it is solely pure that the criticism in opposition to otaku is getting stronger.

It’s simply that Soitsu has a nasty head.
I do not thoughts for those who like this individual’s precept declare.

I do know that if I actually went by such a horrible expertise, I’d develop into a twifemi.
It’s simply that the one that sexually harassed him is unusual, and Dragon Ball has nothing to do with it.
Yaruo PC sweat thin eyes close

Inevitably, women and men who’ve been sexually harassed will find yourself like Mr. Hashimoto.
Husband who does not do white eyes

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