Anime “Mobile Suit Gundam Witch of Mercury” latest PV released! ! Episode 1 broadcast date is decided on October 2nd! !

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I saw the second PV. Witch of Mercury fun.

Isn’t the witch of Mercury from the Universal Century?

The main character, Sleta-chan, seems to be quite a serious and courageous child. Rival-chan is an authoritarian parent and a daughter-in-law who is angry with both men and children. ! ! ! !

YOASOBI as the theme song for Gundam! ?

I brought YOASOBI with me, I definitely feel the intention to acquire a new layer

The witches of Mercury, Bandai’s motivation and sense of crisis that they must show young people Gundam by any means is conveyed.

The battle scenes look better than I expected

The drawing of the mecha is also insanely good.

I personally think that mobile suit designs other than the Witch of Mercury’s Gundam have a clear divide between likes and dislikes.

Did you see the Witch of Mercury prologue? This is a funny guy! ! !
Oma Music is also great! ! !

I saw the prologue. It was a Gundam. Confirmed to see.

I’ve already seen the prologue, so my heart is a mess

Ha, fun Mercury witch. What kind of hell will you show me?

The animation has a good atmosphere from the beginning, so the rest is the script… it’s not going to be like Iron Blood…

I wonder if it’s the same in any era… Gundam. Despair for some… and hope for others. And proof that people are not powerless…

Detects a rich lily component!
The key visual is also completely Yuri Taijizu!
Image related to Gundam Witch of Mercury-02

However, I thought it was a school thing, but the setting and story seem to be quite heavy.
If you watch the prequel, your impression will change considerably.
The brightness of Suretta-chan in the PV is a relief and at the same time disturbing…
Husband who does not think

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