Analysis [Review] Subnautica – Supervision under the sea in pure condition

Subnautica is one of the most promising oversight games of recent years

After several years of prior access, we can finally see Subnautica, one of the most promising supervision games of the last few yearsand it’s easy to be a “passed by water” game.

In recent years, the supervision games have given us really impressive suggestions. as ARK: Survival Evolved, The forest, The long darkness island RUST. Now we have a new component, that’s the turn Subnauticawith difference one of the biggest titles for this start of 2018 and a cautious suggestion as much in its visual distinction as in its design and jugability. Video games developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainmenta little North American student who more than four years ago launched the title Early Access to Steam and now offers us his final version (1.0).

To explore the depths

The premise of Subnautica is basically that it has made a strong landing on an alien planet. You can see the burning helmet of your ship, the Aurora, from your lifeboat. You have no idea if you are the only tutor, and you have no idea what is hiding beyond how far you can see. Do not start with the basic concepts of supervision, we will start using the vibrating sea outside our capsulelooking for resources to feed the producer and thus start generating as much food as water and important tools.

[miptheme_quote author=»» style=»pull-right»]you can summon more depth each time, adventure more and survive more time[/miptheme_quote]

Our beginning will be to break small blocks of sandalwood or limestone to find deposits of titanium, silver, lead or any kind of mineral. Some pieces are useful for water filtration, while others will be used for just eating.. There are also giant coral reefs to catch scorpions, cute creatures with wide nerves and an infinity of things.

Subnáutica, Unknown Worlds Entertainment

Once you are familiar with the entire interface and have managed to create a small set of tools, you can sum up each time with greater depth, adventure more and survive more time. Subnautica will give us beautiful biomass and always test us intelligently with new resources and new creations.

We will feel a total freedom

As it progresses, we will start finding (through radio broadcasts) information that tells a story more than your supervisory staff. However, it is only a matter of you deciding whether you want to go for this information that they will introduce us to the tram or follow what they will do under the sea. Multiple game modes allow you to make that choice clearer. E.g, the creative state eliminates all surveillance and history, only allows you to build and explore. ISLAND Hardcore mode only gives you a life and there are no advertisements for oxygen

Subnáutica, Unknown Worlds Entertainment

With the launch of version 1.0, I discovered that even though I was trying to focus primarily on the story in order to pass judgment, three things followed at once: building my habit; explore different areas; and pursue the narrative.

This is without a doubt is something that characterizes the great quality of this game, which makes it possible to guide the different types of game between them by handdepending on what I want to do.

[miptheme_quote author=»» style=»text-center»]it is only up to you to decide if you want to go for the information that Iran introduces to us in the tram[/miptheme_quote]

Take care of our internal media

Sure, submarine exploration is not a dish of good taste for everyone, so you tend to keep your item level in mind while playing. One person may find that squirrels are suspicious and infamous devices, another may have fear of crows and may have problems with “Cave Crawlers”. And others (like this person I know) think that the idea of ​​being under water is a struggle, so I would never recommend it, and of course they are the ones who are used to the idea of ​​being able to have huge things, reaching down into the depths of the sea, then some of the zones will definitely be heard.

[miptheme_quote author=»» style=»pull-left»]the worst thing you can do is lose some progress to die in some cave system[/miptheme_quote]

I have the benefit of occupying the upper end of the scale. I find sea life really fascinating. I love the way lighting and art create and make sense of each biome as a completely distinct sub-aquatic creation. Infinitely interesting result after the creatures, including the aggressive ones, and my stupidity I will happily drag myself to a strange labyrinthine system of caves not to mention having crossed a heck of a path of brilliant markers in order to get out of the fire.

Subnáutica, Unknown Worlds Entertainment

For a person playing surveillance mode, the worst thing you can do is lose some progress to die in some cave system, or give a good smile thanks to an aggressive creature that does nothing silently away from you. I did not want to get lost, but something at a really deep distance destroyed my little top boat in an instant. The feeling of being flat on top, confused, threatened and standing still two kilometers from your base is closest to the state of panic.

As for the annoying things you can find in Subnautica, we have some. One has to look with the tan “queridísimo” pop-in, so many objects like textures. It really does not matter that much, because it is feels like a logical excuse for how the design of submarine scenes should work to produce incredible results. This does not mean that you do not want to record it, but that you need to be sure of it is a resource for those who need to sign up so the game can work properlyand even then we can have truly enchanting landscapes once we have enough near them.

[miptheme_quote author=»» style=»pull-right»]the overall benefit of Subnautica is more than acceptable[/miptheme_quote]

The construction of cottages can also be a somewhat delicate theme.. For example, I have no idea why one of my double rooms does not allow me to add glass windows, but in the rest I can have no problems. Making it easier to place objects in structures will make it a little less frustrating: this space needs a lot of free space below, otherwise this interaction will cause a problem.

Subnáutica, Unknown Worlds Entertainment

A more flexible storage system would also be ideal. If it is possible to create multiple saved files for the same game, that would be great, now that you only get a save by world version. From a file size point of view, it makes sense, though it also means that the technical equipment can be monumentally expensive.

I said all this, the overall benefit of Subnautica is more than acceptable and we can say that leaving certain bugs is a game that is well optimized in its current version 1.0

Subnautica is everything we expect from the players who have been following this project since years back. It is a title very polished and designed with a lot of mimo, offers us a simple a priori planting, based on harvesting, object creation and of course supervision. On this legal basis is hidden an interesting science fiction adventure and a world full of secrets that will capture us from the first moment.

With all its artistic design as well as its visual finish, perfectly combined to create a wonderful world. Gives as a result a truly addictive video game to enter into one of the most noble instincts of being human, our natural need to discover the unknown.

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