Analysis ANNO: Mutation – A powerful cyberpunk environment split into two games

No one, let alone creators, is free to receive influences. According to Ortega and Gasset – the famous Anor Londo lookalike who admits not seeing – “I am me and my situation”. And knowing that this known affirmation came from a complementary sentence of equal content, the objective of this text requires that we center it in the first part. These circumstances can be very different, but if one focuses on the creation of video games, it is easy to find works, styles and ways that are common to all developers, and if one focuses on the genres, in addition, each of them is an additional platform with its inexhaustible features, dynamics and references. To approach a game like Anno: Mutationem is to consider a title that honors the phrase with which we opened this paragraph: a video game that intends to disappear and assimilate, at the same time, in some of these circumstances.

And that’s one of the first things that catches the eye of Anno: Mutationem, a title developed by ThinkingStars, is its powerful aesthetics apart. With stunning 3D scenes and flawless pixel art in 2D compared to the characters and the enemies, the sum of the two styles gives a hard-hitting result, and really menacing. This unique decision has been revamped by an inspiring art direction, which assimilates the best of cyberpunk aesthetics and fills the stages with neon lights, painted characters and filled living spaces, resulting in a colorful world and for what you want to lose. Not in the past, there will be many times when we trace their whereabouts trying to undermine their critique of history: Independent researcher Ann Flores has long had a trajectory – the Entanglite – that takes time and loses control over himself. This disease will be the detonator of the tram when his brother Ryan disappears in pursuit of a hypothetical cure and we will continue his search.

With the environment as neat as Anno: Mutation Factory for Skopp City – and its surroundings – it is only natural that it is desirable that we get involved as much as possible in its universe. So much so that, not to be out of perspective – to be explored in 2.5D and in the combat segments in 2D – we could well confirm that we were in front of a immersive simulation The manual. Side missions in the most unexpected locations, vast areas to explore, close interactivity with the environment, and multiple snapshots of desperate information in the form of logs, diaries, and other such common suspects. Thus, on a good trip of our adventure, we can return to the last memory of the scenes to search and capture information, leads or materials. But, nevertheless, the development of the story of Ann Flores, of course, will not be the only way to turn to exploration.

When our searches lead us to territories, pongamos, boyfriends, our heroine will pick up the pace – figuratively and literally – to go through one of the combat sections in which we will abandon 2.5D and movement will become classic scroll lateral. With an agile and contingent development, Ann will obtain improvements in her movement – double jumps, aerial impulses, those classics… – let’s move forward in the tram. Without restraint, the basic fundamentals of combat will be a constant that we will tend to handle with ease if we want to get out of all confrontations. Alternate between our heavy wire and blunt heavy sword, know when to firearms, parades, scans or guards are elements that configure a 2D and direct angle action. How logical, controlling items, potentials and any other offensive gimmicks will make it easier for us in the haste for Iran to win with difficulty, pace and intensity. The highlight of all these cyberpunk shotguns, sharp swords and knives will be head-to-head clashes with a few hard-hitting finalists who, thanks to a clear arcade-inspired design, will bring us more aptitude.

Car Year: Mutation has its major foundations in its combat and in its environment. The universe in which ThinkingStars houses the adventures of Ann Flores perfectly synthesizes a wide and wide range of audiovisual and jugable references. From God Ex to Evangelion, passing by Blade Runner or Robocop, Skopp City’s neon lights are opening at the same time. low poly there pixel art to create an atmosphere that is both familiar and fresh. These same sensations are transmitted to an accessible and dynamic combat which does not aim to reinvent the genre but which, at the same time, is perfectly functional in the claims of this title.

Well, Year: Mutation is not a title that lacks traits. Most dangerous of all, perhaps due to its enormous ambition, is the obvious lack of cohesion between the exploration and investigation sections and the combat. One of the main characteristics of the immersive sims is a continuity that can be judged in practice by the set of its sections. Without restriction, Year: Mutation separates its two facets, with their respective mechanics, in a very drastic way. This led, on several occasions, to forced movements which resulted in an obvious break in immersion. On the other hand, its narrative, filled with media facts and characters voiced on the keyboard, is presented to the player in a jumbled and erratic way, causing continuous bewilderment to even the most curious player. In fact, he’s aware of the problem with his argument that in the final compass one of the protagonists explains everything that happened, almost as if that would confuse one of the developers concerned that players end up with incompetence without resolving.

In short, Anno: Mutationem is a title with broad aspirations that does not end up fulfilling all its proposals. The imposing atmosphere of the gala and its sharp, direct fights strike head-on with a narrative aspect that does not match the quotes of its references. In a similar game, play on the fact that the transitions between action and investigation are, in many cases, irregular, as if cut with a knife, which makes them completely different. However, aside from those obvious aristas, there’s a title with some grand intentions and some more obvious ones, which will be amped up for anyone who enjoys cyberpunk vibes, 2D action, or the interesting mix of the two. current year: Mutationem.

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