An picture that exhibits that it is best to by no means pull the “Uma Musume” gacha

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Uma Musume’s help card is for 4 convex
Requires a complete of 5 an identical playing cards

200 stations (1 ceiling) = 60,000 yen

Even after 400 to 600 runs, there are lots of individuals who haven’t any pickups.

There can also be a narrative of 0 sheets in 800 reams…

See this for many who mentioned they could not draw Ramone in 100 reps


More depressing than me, nothing however sympathy
It was 2 items in 550 reams

wait a minute
is that this
Spin it 600 occasions and never a single one comes out
Is that what you imply?

Was there somebody above me…

Human rights activists have been free 30 consecutive 2 meaunes
On the opposite hand, I’ve 410 strains and no Meaune.
I hate gacha fortunate individuals 🥺

Aunts on this sport are human rights 😭

The play of senior residents is deep 🧐

It’s scary to see Ramone 580 occasions, 800 occasions and 0 footage.


Fur www
Two Ramones are out without cost 30 runs wwwww
I’m sorry wwwww I’m sorry for being sturdy
Yaruo Exile Chu Chu Train Reverse Rotation

“This time” Hana
Even chances are you’ll at some point die in an explosion of 800 consecutive 0 sheets.

“It may be my turn next.”
As lengthy as you proceed this sport, you’ll proceed to be frightened by that worry…

I cried

Uma Musume Pretty Derby 4th EVENT SPECIAL DREAMERS!! Blu-ray

Release date: 2023-03-08
Manufacturer: Lantis
Category: DVD
Sales Rank: 114

Uma Musume Cinderella Gray 10 (Young Jump Comics DIGITAL)

Release date: 2023-03-17
Category: Digital Ebook Purchases
Sales rank:


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