An otaku walking around wearing Love Live goods is tapped on the shoulder and turns around → Who was there… Seriously! ! !

■ From Twitter

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▼ Arisa Komiya

I remember the episode of Arisa Komiya, who (if I remember correctly) picked up your CD on aqours live and told a high school boy who was hesitant about whether to buy it, “I’m on it” and had him buy it.

Komiya-san, it was a saint case lol

I have to walk with diamonds properly…

I also want to be tapped on

Eh, I’d recommend Arisa
What is this episode, legend
mischievous and nice person

Is there such a god event?
too dangerous

too much to be this
You can die if you do this

teeth? Seriously! ?
Damn I’m too envious ah ah ah ah ah
Yaruo runs round and round

I can’t do this!
I’m going to wander around the station with Dia-san’s goods wrapped around my whole body! !
Husband who does Husband who does not run away

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