An Apex Legends player presents a Reddit question and answer session while hiding a tree in the game

Most of the Reddit question and answer sessions are pretty common.

While it is home to a celebrity who intends to promote something, it may be of interest to super-fanatics looking for behind-the-scenes information but rarely offering much more than that.

Not surprisingly, an Apex Legends player has decided to take the concept to a new and interesting place, to know, in the middle of a game tree. We’re as confused as you.

The Apex Legends player organizes a question and answer session on the tree

By writing on Apex Legends Reddit, the user Totem_town simply said: “I am a lone hunter hidden in the trees, ask me about anything”.

Other players did exactly that.

All the answers were interesting in a way, like the main comment to Predator3-5, which asked if the trees were talking, eliciting a response of “Yes, keep threatening to rumble the wheels if you do not have to hit them”. By Totem_town.

Another user, GambitsReturn, came back more philosophically and asked if the trees died when Totem_town left, to which the board responded by confirming that he only died when he left a tree.

Several users tried to get a better understanding of the situation, one asked where the nearest enemies were and got the answer “100 m to the east”, while another asked who could see Totem_town from its high position, which “mainly provoked the Arbolers” .

One also adopted a very British storm and asked how the climate was up there, which led to Totem_town’s observation that the conditions were “infinitely windy”.

Another highly trained user asked how Totem_town Day was different, which led to a very positive response with “Fantastic! Win two games! No limits, only three for those who did not hide me in any tree. So it really is not the story”.

The sicko-mod user asked the very obvious question about the meme “Do you win, son?”, To which Totem_town replied: “only in spirit”.

If you are interested in becoming a resident of Apex Legends trees, the other answers from Totem_town suggest that the best trees to climb are those that do not have players and that the strategy is generally “fun if you do not intend to play I play right ”.

Be sure to follow up for more updates on Apex Legends, including the Unshackled event, which is taking place right now.

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