[A]Mr. Junichi Kato enjoys the topical new FPS “Gundam Evolution”, but for some reason he asserts that “this game will never be popular” wwwwww

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The new Gundam Overwatch FPS “Gundam Evolution” will be officially launched on PC on September 22nd! !Home version scheduled for December 1st

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Popular broadcaster Junichi Kato plays the popular new free FPS “Gundam Evolution”

Although he was enthusiastic, a certain analysis that he told about the viewer’s comment became a hot topic

*It’s just a joke in the stream

Audience“As far as Gundam is concerned, you’re good at standing around.”

Junichi Kato“Isn’t it nice lol Are you making fun of Gundam lol By the way, I’m making fun of Gundam lol

I affirm This game is not popular. This game is the most fun of all FPS, but I’m confident it will never catch on.
Shall I tell you why?Because it’s Gundam.

The reason is because only uncles do it. Even though there is no character so familiar.
Girls’ hatred of Gundam… Look at this character (Guntank), can this character (girls) love it?That’s what I’m talking about. ”

The persuasive power of Gundam is amazing

It’s not popular because it’s Gundam.
strange to say

90% male game

Can you love this character?

Because it’s Gundam, it won’t be popular, but because it’s Gundam, it won’t go out of fashion

There’s no doubt that it won’t be popular because it’s Gundam.
Considering the Gundam games so far, there is enough population to play only with Gundam fans.

I don’t love Guntank, but it’s pretty fun

Gundam games have brand power, so they won’t grow explosively, but they can be played stably for a long time.

I really like Gundam, and I don’t think it will be popular.
I want more aircraft than competitiveness and entertainment

I don’t think it will explode (to the extent that you can feel it) if there is no winter season.
But it doesn’t matter if it’s popular or not, it’s fun to watch because they’re playing the game purely happily

I want this game to continue, but development related to skins, which is the main earner, seems to be insanely difficult
If you don’t make a good one, the default original skin will be better.

It looks like it could be pretty casual
it’s funny to see

I have a good feeling about overwatch

If you’re serious about it, you’d better go with Overwatch…

After all, Apex’s survival condition is abnormal

Popular streamers are all going to do it, but when a new game comes out, everyone will go there, so maybe Gan Evo will go down gradually after the first move.

Ganota doesn’t like games, he likes Gundam.

can you loveI didn’t even make a grunting sound when I was told

Guntank is cute!

Because it’s Gundam, it’s awesome www
It’s interesting, but I can’t see a future where it will become popular with female users.
After all, since it is a Gundam, will it become a game for uncles?
Yaruo PC Boo!

Guntank can’t beat Tracer and DVA in terms of cuteness…

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