Amplitude releases mod and map based on Endless universe for Humankind

Amplitude Studios has released an official mod and map for its 4X strategy game Humankind in which it performs a crossover with the popular Endless franchise.

El Endless Mankind Mod se ambienta, como su propio nom indica, en el universo Endless, el cual los los juegos Dungeon of the Endless, Endless Space, Endless Space 2 and Endless Legends, as well as its expansions. All of them are set in a timeline with various factions and their relationship to the planet Auriga.

El mod presents treinta y dos eventos narratives ambientados en Endless, treinta nuevas illustrations, dos nuevas cívicos, dos nuevas tecnologías, una nueva curiosidad, un nuevo district, dos nuevas proyectos naciones y una nueva artificial maravilla. Players who successfully complete a game with the mod enabled will also unlock Horatio’s avatar.

Junto con el mod también se ha publicado a a map especially ambientado in Endless designed in collaboration with Piotrek “PangolinAdvisor” Figarski, who transferred Humankind’s 4X strategy from Earth to Auriga.

“En el universo Endless Auriga está condenado a una muerte lada, con varias factiones lucando por la survival y el dominio a lo largo de su surface”, explains the official description. “But, what would have happened if humanity had developed in the Charioteer? How would the story have developed in its geography, in a less fantastic version?”.

The mod and map were released as part of the Amplified event celebration, which also offers great discounts on the studio’s games on both Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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