Amplitude announces “OpenDev”, a new form of community participation in the evolution of humanity

OpenDev is the new wave of Amplitude for the development of community-driven games. Allows players to join the development team and help shape the game during production.

What can we expect from OpenDev?

The community has always been at the heart of Amplitude“We have worked with our community to create all the games we have made so far and Mankind will not be separated! Without hesitation, instead of a classic with early access, we have given a turn to the formula that will help players express their opinion in a meaningful and systematic way ”.

From now on, players can register to access 3 stages for a limited period centered on the specific features of the game (exploration, tactical combat, basic city management). Later in the summer, the scenes will run one on one, and other players will be able to access each new phase of the scenes. Any new access will allow you to deselect all previous scenarios.


Each scenario concludes with a game design study that will help the development team raise the level of the game. Registration is through our only Games2Gether integrated creation platform, and participation is completely free.


The Amplitude team also suffered from the effects of COVID-19. We are aware that those who have been able to make the transition to teleworking thanks to the support of SEGA. He has decided that to ensure he gives his community the best and most polished game, he will launch it in 2021.

You can register in OpenDev here.

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