Amazon’s next CEO, Andy Jassy, ​​will retain Amazon Game Studio

For those who do not know, Jeff Bezosfounder and CEO of Amazon, will retire at the end of this year Andy JassyCEO of Amazon Web Services, becomes his relay. With this on the table, we talked a few days ago about Mike Frazzini, head of the Amazon Game Studios division and a good friend of Jeff Bezosf, being mentioned by Bloomberg as the biggest problem the developer has so far had no success with. with. any of their projects. Will this change with Bezos’ departure?

Mike Frazzini defends himself, and Jassy appears to be his grandson

Bloomberg returns to retrieve a statement, this time from Jassy, ​​which supports Frazzini: “Although we still have not had consistent success at Amazon Game Studio, I think we tend to persevere«.

Andy Jassy

In addition, it was also known that Frazzini sent a message to his team after last week’s article on behalf of Bloomberg, in which he expressed “zero tolerance‘For inequality between women and men. “We have learned and improved a lot along the way, I am involved, and we will continue to do so. Making good games is difficult, and we will not do it all well ”.

From my point of view, Frazzini is aware that he is doing well with New World or its dangerous head and including the entire video game development department. Let’s look at this case as Captain Andy Jassy, ​​and if you prefer to have someone with confidence in place or put someone with real experience in creating games that the public likes.

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