Amazon Spain employees are quite dissatisfied

74% of the employees of the Amazon logistics center in Madrid go to Iran

Although this news should not be seen directly with the video games, I think it is interesting to spread it. As we can read in El Confidencial, 74% of Amazon’s logistics center staff in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid)the first to open the multinational in Spain, agreed on March 1 that it would strike.


The decision made by some of the 1,100 permanent employees who had voted in an assembly came after more than a year of work an update of the agreement that took place on December 31, 2016 and if I have extended until March 1, the date on which Amazon announced that it unilaterally proposed the current convention one more month, but if there is a unilateral decision, the “social peace clauses” will no longer be valid, so que workers have voted to use without risk what is considered “bad faith”.

It is interesting to note that this center has 2,000 warehouse staff, of which approx. 800 are contracted through temporary employment agencies. Although temporary staff can not exceed 25%, it reaches 60% at certain times of the year. Many of them deplore the uncertainty about its continuity.

The main reasons for this dispute are:

  • Salarieswhere the new contracts in the higher categories will be burdened with a lower wage, while those already there will have their wages frozen.
  • Turnoswhere Amazon promises to improve and offer them a free weekend every four weeksand not every fifth as now.
  • Absence from work. Amazon will reduce absenteeism in stock. Employees refund that the bottom rises for the workloadsomething that the company does not want to prevent and that is that the warehouse is a very hard physical work of days with up to 20 kilometers to walk every day in an easy way.


In fact, the company pays the worker 100% of his salary on the first floor and the same for the next few days from the fourth day. The problem, as several members of the committee have noted, is this the company doctor always refers to social security workers, rubs their baja to “common disease”, and most workers have forgotten to ask for the exchange of unforeseen events (from baja for common disease to professional baja). It’s up to Amazon to consider abusing the bottom, wants to reduce wages by 50%.

The day before the general meeting Amazon tried to influence the decision of the workers calls for “friendly and busy” charlas with the workers. But the effect has been zero. The company indicates that its remuneration ranks highest in the logistics sector and that its employees counter with a complete benefits package which includes private health insurance, company pension scheme, life insurance and discounts.

“The majority of the population is scared and the others are scared,” concluded sources from the syndicate. “And with the performance on Wednesday, to lower the workers from 30 to 30 to influence the assembly. I do not know if it happened in any other company. It was an experiment and it had a rebound effect: the people were, of course, infidels.”

The exact date of the strike will be marked by the company committee, which will significantly affect Amazon’s logistics in Spain.

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