[Amazing]”Street Fighter 6″ can be operated with one finger! A new operation method that AI assists has been found!

Street Fighter 6 Will Have ‘Button-Mashing’ Control Scheme


According to the article

GameInformer visited Capcom’s headquarters in Osaka and learned that a third control method has been added to the latest work in the series, “Street Fighter 6,” in addition to the two control methods that have been revealed so far. tracked down

– Conventional operation method “Classic type” is a combination of conventional weak / medium / strong kicks and punches and throw buttons

・”Modern type” has a slightly simplified attack operation method, and can be played without entering complicated commands.


And the “dynamic control” revealed this time is very simple. Each button of □, ☓, ○ is displayed as “Auto-Attack”, just press these casually and the game will automatically operate the rest


When playing with “dynamic control”, the AI ​​automatically determines which attack to make, mainly depending on the character’s position relative to the opponent.

・For example, if the opponent is far away, it is more likely to use a long-range attack, and if the opponent is close, it is more likely to use a melee attack.

It’s unclear how versatile and complex the combos performed by the AI ​​will be, but the video posted by GameInformer shows that there is at least a certain amount of effect.


Modern and Classic types are competitively equivalent and can be used in all modes, but Dynamic Control is for local play only.

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