Alveole: 100% de recorrido y guía de logros

A simple guide that describes how to achieve all the odds of the game.

Guía paso a paso completa


Sigue jumps constantly.


  • Get the Canguro photo card.

Ser golpeado por obstacados sin saltar.


  • Get the Coward photo card.

Jump over the obstacle 7 times.


  • Get the Ganador photo card.

Soltar continues to keep the pulse

remote space

  • Get the Far Space photo card.

Sé golpeado por el primar obstacle (the knife must go in) and then jump over the rest of the obstacles.


  • Get the student card with photo.

Sé golpeado por el obstáculo 2 veces (hasta que los cristales se vean rotos) y luego jump over the rest of the obstacles.


  • Consigue la tarjeta fotografía Targeted.

Click on the little thing in the top left corner.


  • Get the detective photo card.

Jump over 2 obstacles and get hit by the third one. Now skip todo el resto.


  • Consigue la tarjeta fotografica Imperfecta.

Jump solo over obstacles cuando veas que el monitor en la pantalla da una señal.


  • Get the Lazybones photo card.

Jump over the first obstacle, hit the next 2 obstacles and jump over the rest.


  • Get the photo card from Stumble.

Jump over an obstacle and tap the next one, continuing the pattern to the end


  • Get the Rayuela photo card.

Jump over 6 obstacles and get hit by the last one.


  • Get Weakling’s photo card.

Hit the first obstacle, jump over 5 obstacles and hit the last one.


  • Get the Aventurero photo card.

Continue playing until the calendar days reach 0, then decrease by 1 after each new game.

Gran trabajador

  • Consigue la tarjeta photograph Hard Worker.

Sal del juego y vuelve a iniciarlo.

Welcome again

  • Consigue la tarjeta fotografia Welcome back.

Play an ultima vez jump or golpeando obstacles to unlock (si tienes todas las demás cards/logros).


  • Collect all the photo cards.

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