All the performers of the Imus Joint Tokyo Dome Live held in February next year have been announced! → The face of the performers is too serious…


※Official site

*In addition, Minami Takahashi announced a long-term rest at noon today…

Reactions to this article

Is Nao Higashiyama being held by Burnham’s weaknesses?
It’s really coming out
Even though I’m a hot seller and I’m busy
I love Mr. Kawashima so much that I auditioned for a reverse nomination.
Fucking time restraints at Imus Live
Thank you for participating as much as possible.

The joint performers were collected in units.

Tomoyo Kurosawa in anime and on stage
He came often because he had a lot of work to do.

↑If it’s a big live, it will come.
I come often

Okurimono and Red Sole are too much fun

Can people who like Deremirishani keep up with Side M’s Setori?

Nao Higashiyama Tomoyo Kurosawa Takuma Terashima Yuko Sanpei
Tadokoro Azusa Machico Takahashi Minami
moved to come out
And it’s a good guy, but after all, all the 765 pros are here
I feel safe

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