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The Dung Eater is one of the most fascinating NPCs you will find in the Elden Ring, and it also comes with a series of exciting missions that you can complete when you arrive at Leyndell in the Altus Plateau. Here it is how to complete the Dung Eater mission series, like locations of all Semillero’s curses in the Fire Ring.

Elden Ring Dung Eater Search Guide

  • It has two large palaces and reaches the village of Altus.
  • Return to the Roundtable Hold, and the doors beyond the Twin Maiden Husks will be open, revealing the spectacular form of Dung Eater.

    Talk to him and then his dialogue, and eventually he will ask you to leave it alone.

  • Get a curse on the semillero and then go back to Roundtable Hold to teach.

    There are a total of six Seedbed courses available in the game, most of which can take place in Leyndell and Haligtree, and the other is earned as a mission reward for Blackguard.

    The steel dining room will give you the key to the dungeon and ask you to find its real body.

  • Continue in the game until you reach Leyndell, the real capital. You must have access to the Balcón de la Avenida, which is one of the central Gracia sites in this area.
  • From the balcony on the avenue, go down the stairs and keep to the exit to pass under the body of the dragon.
  • Lower the stairs and continue to hold the stairs, and jump from the back to the bottom of you and you should see a position right in front with a ladder going down.

    fire extinguisher of fire ring

  • Go down the stairs and continue through the sewers and finally reach the underground protected areas.
  • To reach the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds, go down the stairs and see a Site of Grace through the first gate to your exit.
  • On the way out of Sitio de Gracia, turn towards izquierda and suddenly fall through the agujero on the metal railing on the floor.

  • Once in the tunnel, head northwest and fight the rats and plants of Miranda, and climb the ladder.
  • Be careful with the enemies of your fingers here, and use the key to the sewer prison on the metal gate to find the real body of the Møgæderen.

    If you leave the prison then return to Fortaleza de la Mesa Redonda.

    fire extinguisher of fire ring

  • When you return to the Roundtable Hold, you will find a message that was the spectacular kind of Dung Eater that it is found in the outer pit.

  • Go to the pit just outside Capital Real and you will be invaded by Dung Eater. Derrótalo must deliver the Milos sword.

  • Talk to him at Roundtable Hold and he will ask you to use the semillero curse in his real body in the sewer.
  • After giving his real body five semillero curses, he will be compensated with the repair of the terrible curse.

    This unlocks one of the alternate finals at the end of the game once you have lost the last boss.

  • All locations of the seedling curse

    As previously mentioned, there are a total of six seed curses to recover in the Elden Ring. The only thing you can lose is the one you get from Blackguard, which you can find in Liurnia of the Lakes. The other five can be used as art collections.

    Leyndell, the real capital

    • The first curse of the semillero can take place from the beginning when it arrives at Leyndell. From the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace, drive to the large building, go up the stairs and down the stairs to find a large living room. You will find an object in one of the rooms, which is the curse of the seedling.
    • From the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace, go up the stairs and turn right, then pass the guards on the stairs. Enter the Fortified Manor (just like the Roundtable Hold) and you’ll find it in Møgæderen’s living room.

    Monte Gelmir

    • From the Eiglay Site of Grace Temple, continue through the area until you reach the courier gate that takes you to the Audience Pathway Site of Grace, where Rykard fights. Instead of using the mail door, date the return and find a snow door at the other end of the room that requires a Stonesword key to unlock it. Unlocked and suddenly collapsed on the ground floor using metaljaulas. You will find a curse of the seedling in the chair.

    Elphael, Brace del Haligtree

    • Start from Sitio de Gracia de la Sala de Oración, continue straight and down the stairs to the end of the path, then down and you will reach a room with two enemy knights. Jump from the corner to the right, then move down and find a space just behind you that contains the following curse of the seedling.
    • Start from the place of grace in the prayer room, walk to the end of the stairs until you see the two arches around you. Turn right and jump into the arch, and follow the path until you come to a room with an enemy knight and a suitcase. From this space, hop into the arch and follow the path up to find a corpse with a semillero curse.

    That’s all you need to know about how to complete the mission as Dung Eater in the Fire Ring, and where to find all the curses of the semillero. Be sure to consult our wiki guide for more tips and information about the game.

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