All the bugs in League of Legends and how to fix them

League of Legends has been around for many years and has dominated the electronic sports scene. Without delay has over time created a gallery of errors and error codes that do nothing to disrupt your gaming session. In this guide we will review all League of Legends error codes and how to fix them all to successfully return to The Rift as soon as possible.

How To Fix All League Of Legends Errors

Error code 0U

What does 0U error code mean? – The 0U error code will eventually cause the client to display incorrect activities and block the game.

How To Fix 0U Error Code – You have few options. Start running the Hextech Repair Tool. If this does not resolve your issue, add League of Legends as a firewall exception and also go back to update the game. If that also fails, reinstall League of Legends through the Hextech Repair Tool.

League of Legends error code 004 and error code 002

What does League of Legends error code 004 and error code 002 mean – The customer can not find the game.

How To Fix League Of Legends Error Code 004 & Error code 002: What probably happened is that A: lost his internet connection, B: lost his computer or C: did not have enough space on his hard drive to download the park. Just make sure all of these issues are resolved and you should be able to resolve them.

Error 7

What does error 7 mean: Riot servers are congested, which disconnects players.

How to fix error 7: You really can not do anything. This will have to wait until Riot’s technical team can resolve the issue. Come back to try it later.

League of Legends error code 1B

What does League of Legends error code 1B mean: This error usually occurs when you have problems with your ISP preventing you from starting a session in the game.

How To Fix League Of Legends Error Code 1B: First intends to run League of Legends as an administrator. If that does not work, the client will probably need to repair / reinstall.

Low maintenance error

What does maintenance error mean: Additional bugs that make it impossible to download Riot updates. It affects Linux users.

To fix a maintenance error: To fix this bug, repair the League of Legends client.

Unexpected error with session start session

What does an unexpected error with the session start session mean: There are several instances of Legend of Legends open, and one of them is over.

To fix an unexpected error with the session start session: The Task Manager opens, closes all your League of Legends instances, and restarts with a new session.

Error 0xc0000005

What error 0xc0000005 Average: Customer access is blocked.

How To Fix Error 0xc0000005: Perform League of Legends as Administrator; if that does not work, do a complete reinstallation.

A critical error has occurred

What does it mean that a critical error occurred: Anything more than League of Legends makes the game go down and block.

To fix a critical error that has occurred: Close all other programs before returning to play League of Legends.

Unexpected session start error

What does an unexpected session startup error mean: Its connection is broken and you can not connect or download important updates / parks.

To fix an unexpected session startup error: Intends to restore its router or improve its connection.

Unknown direct error X

What does an unknown error in Direct X mean: Something happened to Direct X and you’re in League of Legends now.

How To Fix An Unknown Direct X Error: Currently the controllers are for your game. If that does not work, you intend to delete the game.cfg file.

Missing d3dx9_43.dll on your computer

What “program cannot start because d3dx9_43.dll is missing on your computer” means: Here’s a Windows problem that prevents you from playing.

How To Fix “Program Cannot Start Because D3dx9_43.dll is Missing on Your Computer”“: Make sure all your Windows updates are downloaded. If it still does not work, consider a complete reinstallation.

If you are stuck with error codes but still want a little League of Legends in your life, check out our review of The Ruined King.

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