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February’s Nintendo Direct is over, and it left us with plenty of titles and trailers, certainly more than we expected in our most optimistic predictions.

It didn’t become the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, nor Bayonetta 3 nor, clearly, Metroid Prime 4. And neither Silksong’s rastro. But what on other occasions seems to have been the reason for desperation here has even disappeared, as we have certainly helped the better Direct in much more time.

The first to be introduced is Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes, a Fire Emblem muse set in the same universe as Three Houses. It will go on sale exclusively for Switch on June 24.

After that, it was the turn of one of the titles we’ve been waiting for the most in this house, Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp. Remastering of Intelligent Systems’ two classic turn-based strategy games goes on sale April 8 and includes new dual-voice characters, option to re-roll or speed up battles, local online and multiplayer modes and news.

And the first surprise of the evening: No Man’s Sky will have a version for Nintendo Switch. The space exploration game Hello Games will be available on the Hybrid console this summer.

Second surprise, and the most pleasant quiz of the whole evening: the return of Mario Strikers. Switch Mario Strikers Battle League, a dedicated 5v5 arcade soccer game with special items and attacks, goes on sale June 10. More details will be known soon, but we already know that there will be equipment that will modify the statistics of online personalities and clubs, among other news.

Ahead of the final launch date, Nintendo confirmed that Splatoon 3 will be coming to Switch in the summer of 2022. The new trailer will additionally show off the Salmon Run co-op mode.

Another surprise that didn’t make it into any quiniela: a remake of Front Mission 1st. It will go on sale in the summer, and a remake of its sequel has also been confirmed, bringing it to Switch in the future.

Disney announced Speedstorm, a cross-platform racing game with Disney and Pixar characters as protagonists, with different online modes. Will be available in summer.

In a small segment of ports, Nintendo announced that it will release a Switch port of the Wii version of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed on April 20.

And as we all know, another port will arrive on February 17, on this occasion of Ezio’s Assassin’s Creed trilogy. Assassin’s Creed: The Ezio Collection includes versions with HD Rumble and tactical controls from Assassin’s Creed II, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations.

Oh, and SD Gundam Battle Alliance will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2022, although on a date that’s still unclear.

What we do know is that Chrono Cross The Radical Dreamers Edition is now official and will be coming to Nintendo Switch on April 7th. This version of Square Enix’s classic JRPG includes a number of improvements, such as an amplified soundtrack or the ability to disable enemy encounters to focus the story.

A safe bet for this Direct was the presence of Kirby and the Forgotten Land, whose launch is scheduled for March 25, and in this case the Japanese company presented a new trailer with Mouthful Mode, in which Kirby aspired to scenario to achieve new transformations. by car, motor expenses or Álvaro Arbeloa.

We also got to see MLB The Show 22, the baseball game developed by the Sony Santa Monica studio which, for the first time in French history, will arrive on a Nintendo console.

Another saga taking place in Switch is Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece, albeit a controversial one. On February 10, three episodes of the Kingdom Hearts saga will be played on the Nintendo console, even if it will be in Cloud format.

Bandai Namco also made the surprise announcement of Klonoa: Phantasy Reverie Series. These are remasters of Klonoa: Door to Phantomile and Klonoa 2: Lunatea’s Veil, two classic platformers from 1997 and 2001, respectively. Both will be available on June 8 and will have a temporary ban period on Switch.

More surprises! Portal: Companion Collection is a recapitalization with Portal 1 and Portal 2, Valve’s classic puzzle games, coming to Switch in 2022, on a date yet to be determined.

Square Enix also kept a surprise under the manga: an HD-2D remake of Live to Live (a JRPG never before seen in the West), which will be released on July 22.

A few days ago, Nintendo revealed that they have sold over one million Switches worldwide. We imagine that they clearly want to go for two hundred million, because tonight was unveiled Nintendo Switch Sports, a spiritual sequel/heir to the incredibly popular Wii Sports. There will be new sports, such as football or volleyball, and will be announced on April 29. But that’s not all: the Japanese company has confirmed that a free post-launch update will add a new sport, golf, and that in a few days, from February 18 to 20, will hold an online beta at which users can participate. with an active Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Taiko no Tatsujin: Rhythm Festival will go on sale on Switch this year. Along with it will also be available a subscription service that will provide access to more than five songs.

Triangle Strategy, for its part, is one of the most anticipated JRPGs for Nintendo Switch. Its launch is scheduled for March 4, but you can already enjoy a demo that is generous in content and which, in addition, allows you to transfer progress to the final game.

Cuphead’s DLC, The Delicious Last Course, already has a launch date: June 30.

Much earlier, that same night, in fact, we can enjoy a free update for Metroid Dread that adds two new difficulty modes. The first, Dread, is very difficult and kills Samus with a single hit from any enemy. The other, Rookie, will go in the direct direction and make it easier for novices. Additionally, Mercury Steam is planning another park for April in which a Boss Rush mode will be added.

Although Mother 3 will continue to be released in the West, at least its first two submissions can now be played on Switch. All Earthbound and Earthbound Beginnings have been added to Nintendo Switch Online and can be played starting tonight.

With over forty million copies sold, it’s no wonder Nintendo has announced paid DLC for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. The Booster Course Pack will add a total of forty-eight (forty-eight!) remastered courses from other deliveries to the Switch game, and will be released in six sets. The first will arrive on March 18, and the last at the end of 2023. The price of the DLC is €24.99, but users of the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack will be able to download it for free. Oh, Nintendo, I see what you did there…

And finally, the return of one of the great franchises of the current JRPG. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will arrive exclusively on Nintendo Switch next September.

And that’s all, which is not small. What do you think of this Nintendo Direct? What do you expect from the most violent? Include it in the comments.

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