All State of Play by Gran Turismo 7 announcements

Sony’s latest State of Play centers around Gran Turismo, the powerhouse title which will debut in less than a month. New modes and a large number of customization options have been announced.

The presentation, which lasted 30 minutes, took place in which this game returns to the origins of the saga, and which would be optimized like never before the journey for a single player, following Gran Turismo Sport, more focused on multiplayer.

Come back and tell me a world map, from which you can access one of three places where you can buy cars: the Used Car Dealership, the Legendary Car Dealership, and Brand Central. At Brand Central, you can buy one of 300 cars available, all created since 2001.

At the used car dealership, you will basically buy used cars, and their price will fluctuate according to the actual market. The legendary car dealership is a sort of auction house where you’ll find rarer cars, like the Porsche 917 or the Aston Martin DB5.

There will be a total of 400 cars at launch, with more to be added later. As for the cards, there are 34 slots with 97 separate tracks.

Another highlight is the Gran Turismo Café, where players can interact with the history of automotive culture, with the owner of this cafeteria guiding us through it all. There is a mechanic who instantly collects many different cars to go and discover them and unlock the end of the campaign which, in reality, should only be the beginning of the adventure in Gran Turismo 7.

The images will also give us insight into the game’s dynamic climatology and detail how the DualSense’s tactile vibrations will work on the PlayStation 5, which will serve to communicate differences in surface textures, resonance resistance, or car skin. among others.

State of Play also gave us a more detailed view of customization to date. Return points are now calculated based on a more complex formula that takes into account the number of attributes that can be changed in the game. In the menus you can see that there are more attributes for each car than ever before .

As for the new modes of this Gran Turismo 7 we have the Musical Rally, in which we beat the rhythm of the music, trying to arrive at the good points of the circuit before it takes real moments of the song .

Gran Turismo 7 will debut on March 4.

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